Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Beauty Crush #1

I know what you're probably thinking:
"Whoah. That's a lot of Kylie Jenner." (And I'm not even a big follower of hers)
And I would totally agree if it were not for the crazy/beautiful hair and makeup she's been sporting these past few months. (And I'm ignoring the fact that she may have (read: definitely) had something done to her face, mainly because its her face, not mine). Moving onwards...

Everybody who knows me well would know that my dream hair colour is an ashy lilac, so Kylie's teal tresses give me googly heart eyes. But the thing that gets me swooning the most is her lip colour. I swear, everyone and their mother has been discussing Kylie's lips on the blogosphere and I definitely understand why. Enter Kylie photo collage #1:
They're like the perfect brownish-pinkish-mauvy-my-lips-but-better colour in the world and I am OBSESSED with finding a colour that will translate on me the way it does for her. Sometimes browny pinky shades look too brown, or they'll look baby pink on me, and that is not what I am looking for. 

I've done a bit of research (so informative of me eh) and found that Kylie uses MAC''s lipliner in "Whirl", which has gone straight to the top of my wish list. I also wanted to find some lipsticks that were similar in colour and narrowed down on these three:
  1. MAC Twig
  2. MAC Fast Play
  3. MAC Pink Plaid (it looks a bit pink but who knows what it'll be on the lips)
I don't own any of these but I'm definitely going to raid my local MAC store to try them on. Fingers crossed they don't read too red/brown/pink on my lips! Can't a girl ask for the perfect blend of all three colours?!

Along with her lip colour, I have to give out some honourable mentions to her giraffe lashes ( I call extensions or false lashes), and the contouring thats happening under her cheekbones. I mean, what does she use under there? Everything just blends in so perfectly. 
Needless to say, she'll be a large source of inspiration this summer when I'm looking for a more subdued makeup look even if she is only 16 (!!!)

P.s. If you haven't noticed, all photos aren't mine (duh) they're from Kylie's Instagram

Talk to you guys soon :)


  1. Nice post. I do agree that that's the perfect mauve lip color.

    1. Thanks! major lip envy happening here for sure!