Monday, 30 December 2013

My Holiday Nails - Sally Hanson Nail Strips

I use the holidays as an excuse to have ├╝ber snazzy nails. So when my mother asks me why my nails are always done (my parents have an odd aversion to nail varnish et al.) I justify it by saying, “oh mum, lighten up, it’s the holidays… a special occasion you know? And then she gets off my case.

For the past week I’ve been rocking these Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail polish strips in “Ama-zen”. Hopefully the people who created these names got good year-end bonuses.

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

A Little Festive Post

Merry Christmas cyber people! I know what you’re thinking…its taken me almost two months to put something up on my blog…what’s wrong with me right?

WELL let’s just say it’s one of my (unfortunately) better developed character flaws, and I swear I’m working on it. I MEAN IT (note to self: New Year’s resolution).

So to break my procrastinating nature, here’s a nice festive post for you peeps today.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013


Let me tell you a story about fate.

Well that's putting it a bit dramatically but it was fate nonetheless. I've been stuck for weeks trying to figure out what to write as an introductory post to this wee-little-blog-thang, and I decided to scribble some ideas down during my break at work.

Anyways whilst daydreaming (probably about my next skincare purchase) my eyes glazed upon this (I work with kids so stickers are an abundant resource):