Wednesday, 25 December 2013

A Little Festive Post

Merry Christmas cyber people! I know what you’re thinking…its taken me almost two months to put something up on my blog…what’s wrong with me right?

WELL let’s just say it’s one of my (unfortunately) better developed character flaws, and I swear I’m working on it. I MEAN IT (note to self: New Year’s resolution).

So to break my procrastinating nature, here’s a nice festive post for you peeps today.

(Read this as if it were an infomercial, trust me, it makes for my lack of writing skill)

Do you have dry, cracked lips? Especially in the cold, winter months? Do you suffer from the ill-fated inability to have your lipstick/gloss go on evenly? Do you long for smooth, healthy lips? (Perhaps to reciprocate under that mistletoe?) WEEEELLLL have I got the product for you (the infomercial voice worked right?)

Introducing Lush’s Santa’s Lip Scrub, a festive way to exfoliate your lips!

It’s seriously the cutest lip scrub I’ve seen…just look at those hearts

Just as the lid says, Santa’s Lip Scrub is a sugar scrub flavoured with various natural extracts and oils to taste like cola, and it definitely tasted like cola to me.

To use it, I just push the little hearts to the side (they’re too cute to throw out IMO) since they are there for decoration and not exfoliation. Then I take a little onto my finger and just buff it on my lips gently for a few minutes. The instructions tell you to lick off the excess, but the bits of sugar could be a bit intense and overwhelming, so I just take a towel and wipe the excess off, then lick the sweet yumminess off my lips.

The sugar takes off a thin layer of dead skin (aka the evilness making your pout unsmooth) and the oils slightly moisturize your lips bringing them to their pouty perfection. Of course, you would still use your regular lip balm over this, as the oils are not sufficient moisture. The first exfoliating session won’t make the biggest difference, but after consistent use (I’d say, 2-3 times a week?), paired with good moisturization (is this a word?), your lips will feel and look smoother. It’s also worth mentioning that the scrub leaves a nice red tint to your lips, so you can apply lip balm afterwards and still have a nicely coloured pout.  Woohoo two for one!

This scrub is a nice treat for the holiday season and would make a terrific stocking stuffer. You can grab Santa’s Lip Scrub at Lush, for around 9$ (and get it soon because it's part of the Christmas collection)

Happy exfoliating :)

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