Tuesday, 29 October 2013


Let me tell you a story about fate.

Well that's putting it a bit dramatically but it was fate nonetheless. I've been stuck for weeks trying to figure out what to write as an introductory post to this wee-little-blog-thang, and I decided to scribble some ideas down during my break at work.

Anyways whilst daydreaming (probably about my next skincare purchase) my eyes glazed upon this (I work with kids so stickers are an abundant resource):

I instantly thought: "holy bejeebers/EUREEKA, the blogging forces are with me."

Genius me thought it would be clever to write a post introducing my self with a sticker that literally introduces people...*clap clap clap*

So, to formally introduce myself, here is my name on the sticker:

My name is Julie - "E" optional since: 

     A)  I couldn't find a domain name that had Julie with an "E" (I know first world problems right?) AND

     B) Because as fate would have it, I couldn't make a gif that included the "E" in my name

...and as you've probably guessed, I'm a self diagnosed beauty addict.

Yes. I get the shakes just writing the word. 

I'm a recent graduate fom university and am currently on my gap year...AKA the year in which I try figure out what the hell I need to do with my life...and this little baby of mine will comprise of my adventures in beauty and life, past, present and future.

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