Wednesday, 28 May 2014

No "Zit" Sherlock...

I legit just ran to my computer because I was so compelled to do a write up on the Bliss "No Zit Sherlock Rubberizing Mask."

Note: I did this mask at 12:40 am on a Sunday night (or Monday morning for you trolls) because I felt ALIVE.

Bliss says this is the same "zit zapping mask used in their spas"... and so obviously when I saw it in a Marshall's (for 16$ vs 30$ on blissworld.com) I had to have it. They suggest this mask for pimple prone skin (aka me) as it has oil absorbing extracts from seaweed and such (read above for official stuff).

I'm not gunna lie here.. I've been harbouring this kit for a few months as I couldn't pull myself to play scientist and mix up a mask whenever I needed a treatment. That being said, the process wasn't all that bad. The kit came with six packets of the powder, six stirring sticks, and a measuring cup for the water. All you had to do was dump the contents of the packet into a bowl (or in my case, a massacred water bottle, because I'm just that classy) and add water from the measuring cup.

What resulted was a grey-ish goop that I was a tad bit fearful to slap on my face. I think its good to note a few of my apprehensions as I stared at the concoction:
  1. I feared the rubberizing effect was going to be too harsh. I just imagined my face getting harassed during the removal process
  2.  The smell was earthy (???) and was speckled, so naturally I feared the ingredients paired with the tugging would cause a negative reaction on my slightly sensitive skin  
Realizing that I only had a few minutes before it set (its sets so fast!!!) I pretended my face was a canvas for Nutella and went to town with the mixture. During the 15 minutes with the mask on I was feeling the mask on my face with fear and amazement. I felt that I still had full control of my face so I cracked a smile (and boy was that a sight) and miraculously nothing cracked or felt tight as I moved around.

Removal was not as bad as I had expected it to be. I just peeled off the thick layer and used some warm water to rinse off the super dry bits and I was done! It didn't tug or feel harsh at all. After removing the mask, my skin underneath felt plump, and very soft. 

A few days have passed an I'm glad to report I didn't grow weird bumps woohoo! Overall, I was quite pleased with its instant plumping and softening results, but based on the hassle of having to make the mask myself, I wouldn't recommend it for anyone who wants a quick and easy treatment option.'This would be fun for a girls night sleepover though...

PSA: You can definitely mix half a packet for a treatment because one whole one results in you kinda looking like a swamp monster. Also, DO NOT RINSE THE EXCESS DOWN THE DRAIN... unless if you have a thing for plumbers, then by all means, rinse away.

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