Monday, 28 April 2014

Product Empties #1

Remember as a child your parents would praise you for finishing your dinner/homework/dressing yourself?

Yeah... no me neither.

BUT if I did live in an alternate reality where that did happen, I feel that my hypothetical Stepford- wife-mother would praise to the high heavens that I finished (some of) my beauty products.

Today I present to you three of the products I recently finished and a little sneak-peek yes/no verdict on the product :

1. Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark: Yes and No. I have mixed feelings about this one because I liked it for reasons other than what it was primarily intended to do.

2. Mac Blot Powder: Yes. Oh goodness gracious this is a resounding YES. I have never met a powder that controlled oil like this one. Ever.

3. Alterna Bamboo Smooth Kendi Oil: Yes. For all you girls who battle frizz, this is a keeper.

Stay tuned for full reviews on these products (and more) in the near future! I pinky promise I'm going to post more often ;)

No, I'm not crossing my fingers. I'm not twelve you know.

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